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Why You Need to Conduct An Irrigation Audit


Sports fields require consistent maintenance and care to ensure they are always in top condition for games and practices. One critical aspect of sports field maintenance is proper irrigation. Without adequate water, the turf can become dry and unhealthy, leading to poor playing conditions and potentially costly repairs. This is why an irrigation audit is essential for sports field maintenance.

What is an Irrigation Audit?

An irrigation audit is a process of evaluating an irrigation system to ensure that it is functioning correctly and efficiently. During an irrigation audit, technicians inspect the system for issues such as broken sprinkler heads, leaks, or poor water distribution. The results of the audit can then be used to make any necessary repairs or adjustments to the system, ensuring that it is working correctly.

Why is an Irrigation Audit Important for Sports Field Maintenance?

There are several reasons why an irrigation audit is critical for sports field maintenance. First, sports fields are typically large, and the irrigation systems can be complex, with many different zones and components. An irrigation audit helps identify any issues with the system, such as leaks or broken sprinkler heads, that can lead to wasted water and ineffective watering.

Second, a well-maintained irrigation system can help save water, which is an important consideration for both the environment and cost savings. An irrigation audit can help identify areas where water usage can be reduced without negatively impacting the turf’s health, leading to reduced water bills and less environmental impact.

Finally, a properly functioning irrigation system can help ensure that the turf remains healthy and playable. Dry, damaged turf can be costly to repair, leading to lost revenue from canceled games or practices. An irrigation audit can help identify and correct any issues with the system, ensuring that the turf remains healthy and playable, reducing the risk of costly repairs and lost revenue.

When Should You Schedule an Irrigation Audit?

It is recommended that sports field managers schedule an irrigation audit at least once per year to ensure that the system is functioning correctly. However, the frequency of the audit may depend on several factors, including the age and condition of the irrigation system, the size and complexity of the field, and the type of turf being irrigated. It is essential to work with a qualified irrigation technician to determine the appropriate schedule for your sports field.


In conclusion, an irrigation audit is an essential part of sports field maintenance. It helps ensure that the irrigation system is working correctly and efficiently, leading to cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and healthy, playable turf. By scheduling regular irrigation audits, sports field managers can help ensure that their fields remain in top condition for games and practices, reducing the risk of costly repairs and lost revenue.

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