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Turfgrass Field Construction & Renovation

Laser Grading


Don't let unpredictable weather or unsafe playing conditions hinder your baseball or softball games. We guarantee consistent, high-performance playing surfaces that effectively address drainage issues and reduce the need for extensive maintenance. Our services encompass everything from infield assessments and expert consultations to top-tier infield mix installation, ensuring your fields are game-ready.

Softball Field


Experience a dramatic transformation on your baseball or softball field with our specialized infield lip removal service. Say goodbye to safety hazards, drainage issues and uneven surfaces. Our seasoned team can skillfully renovate virtually any infield, delivering a seamless transition and a professional, polished edge.

Turfgrass resurfacing


Revitalize your field's performance and appearance with our tailored turfgrass resurfacing solutions. Our team specializes in various hybrid Bermuda turfgrasses, including Latitude 36, Tif 419, TifTuf, Tahoma 31, IronCutter and more. We understand that not all sod installations are created equal. You can trust Sports Field Solutions to transform worn-out areas with resurfacing solutions that consistently improve and rejuvenate your field's surface.

Sprinkler System


Efficient irrigation systems are vital for maintaining healthy and vibrant sports fields. At Sports Field Solutions, our construction division specializes in designing and installing state-of-the-art irrigation systems that provide optimal water distribution and minimize waste. With our expertise, we ensure that your sports fields receive the right amount of water, promoting strong turf growth and enhanced field performance.

Athletic Field Construction

Elevate your sports facility with a natural grass field designed and constructed by our dedicated team. We offer a comprehensive package, from thorough site assessment and customized field design to the installation of top-quality Bermudagrass. Our holistic approach also includes creating comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure your field maintains its peak condition year after year.

Drone view of soccer field


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