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Why do We Verticut?

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Video Transcription

Hi I’m Brannon Burks I’m the sports turf manager here at UTSA’s soccer facility, Park West Athletic Complex. What we’re trying to accomplish when we verticut is the removal of the thatch layer. And what that is, is the layer between the grass itself and the soil surface. What happens over time, you get a buildup of organic matter whether it’s rhizomes, stolons, grass clippings, anything on the surface that might accumulate in this layer. That layer actually will pose as a detriment to nutrient absorption in the root zone and it can also trap or hold onto moisture at the surface. So rather than water or anything percolating into the soil for the roots to absorb, it can get caught in that thatch layer and lead to dollar spot disease or any other leaf spot disease.

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