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Why an Infield Needs to be Watered

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Video Transcription

Hi I’m Randy, I’m here at the Quarry for sports field Solutions in Granbury Texas. Why does an infield need to be watered? Well, there’s several purposes and reasons for hydration in the clay. Clay is a very expansive soil and with proper managed consistent moisture content, we’re able to manage the field and make it more playable, keep it safer, and aesthetically more pleasing. With the qualities of ball field clays the type of conditioners and additives that we add to the clay help to retain the soils when they’re added to our clays for baseball fields, including the mound and home plate. Other purposes for hydration and the importance of hydration in our clays, is because the clay is a very expansive soil. Not enough moisture will lead to cracking, too much moisture will lead to a wet tacky ball field. So we have to manage the moisture content in our clays daily. Management of ballfield clay moisture content is done by hand watering on the infield clays or by tarps on the mound and home plate.

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