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What Makes Good Clay?

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Video Transcription

I’m Randy I’m here at the Quarry for Sports Fields Solution in Granbury Texas. Our engineered line of ball field clays are very specified with sand-silt-clay ratios, particles of sand and their sizes, the minerals that are blended in to it in a homogenous blend that are very consistent and duplicated on a very high level of collegiate sports and professional sports. One of our products is called rain guard. And rain guard is typically used on low maintenance dynamics or high rain areas and low maintenance. It’s not the most desired in field mix but it’s utilized wherever there is a low maintenance capability but a higher expectation to prevent rainouts. Our stable clay product is a product that doesn’t have any stabilizer in it. It’s a purely natural, non stabilized in field mix using organic particle sizes and our natural clay that we quarry here in Granbury for a higher level than the extra strength. But without the stabilizer in it to prevent less compaction in a dryer climate. We have clay and stabilizer and blended other natural products that are used called extra strength. Those are kind of a hybrid to playability and low maintenance. A little higher level requires a little more maintenance, a little more shaping and grooming the field between games, but it has a higher rain tolerance. Our classic ball field clays are a clay that we quarry right here in our Granbury quarry. We are fortunate to have both of our clays, an organic straight quarry run, screened to a small quarter inch minus particle size with a very low rate of rock above a certain size. We have very little pea rock in this clay out here. We have a very consistent in field clay and we have a very consistent mound clay that is used in rec leagues up to collegiate leagues.

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