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What is Sprigging?

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Video Transcription

Phil Grefrath here with sports field Solutions. We’re here at Abilene Christian University at the newly constructed golf practice facility. so what is sprigging and why do we do it? There’s a few different ways of transplanting grass to make a new field. One of those ways is sprigging and it’s a process of taking plants from a sod farm or field where they were growing and cutting them and transplanting them to a desired area. In this case this golf facility where we put them on the greens. It’s a process of kind of shaking them out like one would shake straw in a new yard or something like that, followed by a machine that not only rolls them in but really sticks them into the ground so they will have a chance to root in. After that, lots and lots of water. These sprinklers are running once an hour for 12 to 14 hours a day. Some downsides to sprigging, when people get new Fields or new courses they want to see the initial grade to grass all in one. In this instance we couldn’t do that with the sod, very rarely do you ever sod a putting green. You are either seeding it or springing it, in this case it was sprig. Again, really the only drawback is it’s a bit slower than sod, you don’t have the sod there all of the sudden. The sprig will eventually do great and thrive, but it just takes a little bit longer.

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