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UTSA Baseball Field: Mowing Frequency

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Video Transcription

Hi I’m Brannon Burks we’re out here at UTSA’s baseball facility, also known as the “Bird Bath”. How often do we mow here? Out-of-season we’re mowing about 4 days a week. If rain events or in the instance where maybe we’ve got too many dry spots, we’re probably mowing 2 to 3 days a week. So by mowing 6 days a week we are keeping a nice clean playing surface whether it’s for Summer Ball, Spring ball, or whichever event they’re having out here. If you’re looking at Bermuda grass, the more you mow it, if you’re cutting the top off, you’re actually promoting lateral growth. The more often you mow the more it grows laterally and you get a really tight, thick playing surface from that Bermuda grass and you’ve got really good footing with that tight, thick playing surface.

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