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Synthetic Turf Maintenance

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Video Transcription

Hi my name is Jaxon Bailey, we’re here at Baylor University and we’re here at McLane Stadium where the Baylor football team plays all their home games. We maintain McLane Stadium. It is Synthetic Turf. Right now during the summertime when the field is not getting used, we will sweep it with the litter cat which is a machine that basically is a brush or a broom that is wheel driven that you can put down on the turf and it helps stand up the turf fibers and pick up any loose trash. It also help smooth out the crumb rubber. We do that about once a week. Then in our typical game week we will do that Monday morning, we’ll also do it during the middle of the week usually Wednesday or Thursday and then we’ll do it again on Saturday morning, depending on the game time. We sweep it three times a week during the game week just to help it stand up a little bit more and just to give it a more vibrant look. So after every game will walk the field and check and make sure there’s no divots with the crumb rubber and if there are we’ll fill in those low spots or divots with crumb Rubber and just make sure everything is flat and smooth everything out. And that’s one of the things that the little cat does as well.

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