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Softball Clay: What Type to Use and Why

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Video Transcription

I’m Jaxon Bailey we’re here at Baylor University currently we’re on the Baylor softball field also known as Getterman Stadium. What kind of clay do we use and why? Here at Baylor we use the diamond Pro clay mix. That’s what we use on our infield we also use the clay for repairing the mound and plate areas. Do we use the same clay for baseball and softball? No, over at softball we use more of a red clay which actually has a lower clay content. In baseball we use the diamond Pro yellow clay it has a higher clay content so it holds together a little bit more. So we use the red clay over at softball because it mixes really well with the infield material that we have. It’s almost the same material so you get a really uniform mixture.

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