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Soccer Fields: Mowing Height and Frequency

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Video Transcription

Hi my name is Jaxon Bailey we’re here at Baylor University and we’re here at the Betty Lou Mays Soccer Complex. How often do we mow and how high? Mowing regularly is a key thing to do in turf grass maintenance. Mowing every day helps the grass not try to grow as much vertically, so you get a nice dense canopy. Right now we’re mowing at a half an inch and we’ll keep mowing at a half an inch until the temperatures get a little bit cooler in the fall and will actually raise the mowing height to about five eighths. Then going into the winter time will go up to about three quarters of an inch. During the spring time as we warm back up, we’ll work our way back down to a half an inch. Here at Sports Field Solutions at Baylor University we use all reel mowers. On the athletic fields we use the Toro 3100 and the 5510. We like to use the reel mower on high-end athletic fields just because you get a finer cut. With a rotary mower you’re not necessarily cutting leaf blades, you’re doing more of a ripping or shearing of the leaf blade. Whereas with a reel mower you are getting a fine cut, almost like you’re cutting it with a pair of scissors.

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