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How to Keep the Lips Down

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Video Transcription

Hi I’m Jaxon Bailey, we’re here at Baylor University and we’re here at Baylor ballpark. Baylor ballpark was renovated in 2012 by Sports field Solutions. We took out a foot and a half of material, did the subgrade, put in the drainage, and all the sand, and then laid grass. This field, Baylor ballpark was totally done by sports field Solutions and now we do all the maintenance on it. What do we do to keep the lips down? There’s a couple different techniques that we use here at Baylor. One is to take a water hose and wash your Edge. so you get a lot of conditioner and even dirt that will track into the edge of your grass. So, if you’ve got a long break where the guys aren’t going to be on the field, you can take a water hose and wash off all that dirt and conditioner back out into the dirt so you don’t get that build up over time. The second thing to do is to come in and cut it out, level it off, and replant grass.

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