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How Often to Top Dress and Why

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Video Transcription

My name is Jaxon Bailey we’re here at Baylor University and we’re here at the Betty Lou Mays Soccer Complex. How often do we top-dress and why? We top-dress the soccer field two to three times a year. We mainly do it during the late spring, so May and June when we do our aerification. We also aerify two to three times a year. When we get to aerify and top-dress, we’ll do it all at the same time and we will also top-dress after we overseed. We usually overseed in the middle of October. And we like to put a nice top dressing over that seed to help that give it a little bit of a better chance to grow. The big benefits of aerification are obviously to get more air down into that soil which helps the roots grow and it will also help the drainage a little bit. It just helps with compaction as well, getting the sand down into that profile will also help the root system grow.

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