How Often to Edge and Why

Video Transcription

Hi I'm Brannon Burkes and we're here at UTSA softball field. During competitive season, we've got rye grass. The rye grass doesn’t shoot off Runners quite as much as the Bermuda grass does. But during the season we're edging weekly. If we miss a week it's no big deal, we'll come back and hit it the next week. As you can see right now the Bermuda grass runners are pretty aggressive and so we're edging weekly during the summer season. Sometimes after rain storms, tarping, or games we get some of this conditioner and it gets here into the grass edging and we actually will take a water hose and hit it with high pressure to blast conditioner back onto the infield. Follow that up with a broom, brooming off any other loose material. Once we've got that nice moisture in the edge there, we can run string lines and edge up right after the next morning.